University of Warwick - Pool

This project was a feasibility study to assess the opportunity to extend the existing sports centre with a 50m swimming pool to replace the existing pool built in the 1960’s. As a result of the study, The University made a successful bid for one of the training pools from the Olympic Games. A review of the wider provision in and around Coventry and opportunities to create synergies with other providers was considered. It was proposed that the old poolhall would be converted to a gym.

Sport Feasibility Study - Pool Extension

This work led to a more extensive assessment of the sports strategy for the University and led to a new vision that ultimately could be delivered through a new sports hall and swimming pool, with a focus on participation and general wellbeing rather than performance.

Services provided: Architectural feasibility study and financial appraisal

The challenges:  Making the most of an existing 1960’s building

Outcomes:  new sports strategy and vision developed that is more ambitious